Black Crow Workshop

 Tube amplifier repairs, modifications, de-modification

  • Cap job — replace power supply capacitors for tighter bass and less hum
  • Installation of a grounded three-prong power cord for increased safety
  • Re-biasing of output tube
  • Tone circuit modifications
  • Noise reduction modifications
  • And more!

 Solid state equipment repair including pedals

 30+ years electronics troubleshooting & repair experience

 Dedicated to solving your challenging problems

 Connected to local music community

 Licensed electrical engineer

 Bench charge $30 — open unit, evaluate & develop estimate

 Hourly rate $30

A Note

  • I’m a bass and guitar player so I understand how vital the right tone is to a musician.  Your tone is a unique and integral part of the music you’re expressing.

    You need a partner who understands more than just the technical details of electronic circuits work.  You need someone who grasps the “MoJo” all musicians seek.  You need someone who resonates with the musician’s soul.  Through our mutual dedication to the art of music, I will help you achieve your goal.

    Whether you’re seeking that elusive perfect tone for a favorite amp or careful repair of a vintage amp, give me a call.  Let’s work together on your sound.

    — Kirk