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Eye-ing Buffy 3

Sept. 2007

Still in awe at the existence of such a thing as an animal ophthalmologist (& at the advances that have been made in veterinary care since my last cat died at 17 in 1993), I was thoroughly impressed by the TAOC facilities. And not least, by the concern, responsiveness, gentleness & professionalism of its personnel. Not to mention the education in things ophthalmic that I then received.

Sept. 2007

With the aid of a very colorful, vivid & explicit chart of the eye on the wall beside us, Dr. Ramsey explained that Buffy had melanoma in the iris of her eye. Which resulted in severe inflammation and glaucoma. Which was the cause of her tearing & pain. But while this was undoubtedly serious, he believed the eye was still sighted and so it might be worthwhile to treat the melanoma's side effects with medication.

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