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I have been involved in website production & design since 1996.  Getting in on the ground floor with and learning on-the-job at the fledgling website of a small New Jersey newspaper group, I had the good fortune to "grow up" with the medium.  Despite lacking most of the tools available today, it was an invaluable experience.

I brought that broad experience (plus up-to-date tools) to the blogosphere with the first incarnation of this site in 2004.  Then, intrigued by the potential of the browser-based interface of the "weblog" form, I set about using it to develop standard websites (see Works/Sites below) for the non-professional user, designing & setting-up sites for a variety of clients that they can easily update & maintain themselves.

After a move to West Michigan and the acquisition of a digital camera (Canon Powershot) in the fall of 2003, I was able to revive a recurring interest in taking photographs.  Six months later moved onward (& upward) to a Canon Powershot S1 IS.  (Most photos from 2003-2004 can be found in the Albums.)  By the winter of 2006, stepped up to a first DSL: the Digital Rebel XT.  My photography has continuously evolved as my skills & equipment evolve.  Am currently shooting a variety of subjects, from interiors to near & far all-season landscapes to wildlife to flowers to pets to family & friends.  Am also engaged in an ongoing project to preserve online a historic archive of my family through photos & other memorabilia (see Family Photos).

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